Welcome To Gandour

Gandour offers positions that range from sales and marketing to logistics and engineering, employing those with passion and curiosity, to help deliver high-quality products. If you think outside of the box and are ready to commence a journey of discovery with Gandour, apply now

Working at Gandour

Here at Gandour, we strive to create products that people love, that give rise to moments that people cherish, while embarking on a journey of discovery and continuous rejuvenation.

While on this journey, we embody the practice of continuous improvement as the basis of our philosophy, wherein we believe in a cyclical approach to our work, constantly refining our product offerings and the way we work. While working with conviction, we look for ways to re-shape our company and associates, to enable our consumers to re-shape their experience with our products.

We have created a working environment that fosters an entrepreneurial spirit and hands-on approach that puts emphasis on change driven by our individuals. We’ll encourage your growth and self-improvement, through continuous development and training, while you help encourage ours, with a genuine and passionate approach to your work.

Whether you are just starting your career at Gandour, or looking to take the next step in your journey within the company, we will support your personal growth with an open, forward-thinking mentality.